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Buying a Business

Deciding to buy a business is one of the best decisions you have made. Let us help you achieve your goal. Compared to working as an employee, you have higher chances of creating wealth as a business owner. Thankfully, with our services, you can avoid challenges and mistakes potential entrepreneurs make when they attempt to buy a business without the help of certified business brokers.

Our support services for buying a business involves offering guidance and support to complete the process and ensure transfer of ownership is done without unnecessary delay.

At all times, there are several businesses up for sale on the market. To make a choice, you should consider factors such as how well the business aligns with your goals, professional skills, experience, and budget. We perform comprehensive assessments and evaluations to ensure the company you choose to buy is the best match for you.

Client Privileges
Our client satisfaction rate is at an all-time high. We intend to keep it that way with hard work and commitment to our client’s interests.Our clients have the following privileges;

Total commitment
Our team at Tidell Consulting Group remains committed to helping you find, offer, and close deals for your dream businesses. We commit to exploring unique ways to ensure the agreement is favorable in every way. For us, the client’s objective is the priority.

We are professional business brokers. Our team uses only the best legal approaches to help you achieve your goal. We work with our client’s legal team and maintain excellent communication from the beginning of the deal until it is closed.
Access to Tidell’s marketing resources
Over time we have maintained access to profitable resources such as networking groups of business investors, excellent relationships with industry stakeholders,
and vast knowledge of the business industry in Canada. Esteemed Tidell clients leverage our influence to close the best deals quickly.
Business plan development and research
We have an in-house market research team who use the best tools to locate a business that matches your interest.

Post deal support
After closing the deal, we maintain communication with clients to offer further assistance when necessary.

Reselling advantage
After a few years, if you decide to sell your business, we can help you get the best deal on the market.

Buying a Business – How it Works
We follow a step-by-step approach to ensure your experience with our team is excellent.
Here is how it works;

Step 1

Client Introduction
We believe it is important to meet with our clients, physically or virtually, during the introduction. This meeting is done to discuss your needs and to confirm we can deliver the expected service.

Step 2

Client Assessment
It is important to evaluate your plan before you proceed to buy a business.
We can help. After making our client understands the responsibilities of a business owner and potential risks regarding the investment sector they choose,
we proceed to evaluate the client’s readiness to buy a business. At this stage, we determine how long the client has been planning to buy a business if they have deadlines and financing plans for the project.
We also find out if the client wants to buy a business they will own for a long time or resell after a few years. Additional information includes determining the client’s source of investment capital, profitability expectations, shareholders’ plan, and arrangements to constitute a board of directors.

Step 3

The Search
Our team begins the search for a business on sale, according to the client’s needs. After identifying a potential company to buy, we find out information such as how long the business has been in existence, if it has been sold previously, and reasons for putting the business up for sale.
It is a good sign if the business has been in existence for a long time. It means the owners make a sustainable profit.

Step 4

Background check
Financial records, operations, and tax returns are checked. Then, the business is valued by professionals to determine how much it is worth. Essentially, the goal is to confirm if the business can be profitable and to know details about the lease agreement.

Step 5

Site visit
The arrangement is made to visit the business location. Our business evaluation experts handle this process professionally. We confirm the business is exactly as it is represented in the sales offer.

Step 6

Bidding Process
First, the asking price and down payment value is considered before bidding. Then, if the client’s budget accommodates the asking price, a formal bid is placed.

The bidding process involves negotiations with the seller to agree on the price and business ownership transition structure. It is normal to agree that the seller will aid business ownership transition by managing the business after the sale, while showing your employees how operations work.

You should meet our innovative strategies to reach your goals in your industry.