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What is Market Research and how can it benefit my organization?

When you decide to sell your business, the goal should be to get the best price at the end of the deal.

From a professional perspective, it is best if business brokers coordinate the sale of your business. We advocate professional help for people who want to sell a business because the process can be complex.

Our experience and excellent history give us the confidence that we can help you get the best deal for your business

Selling your business- Our Process

Step 1

Determine financial value

Before listing your business for sale, you should know how much it is worth. We help you value your business based on the current market conditions. This means your business may be worth more than you think based on market appreciation since the business started.

Step 2

Future investment plans

We also want to know the clients’ plans to use income generated from the sale. It is essential to confirm that the money received from the sale can fund the client’s plan.

Step 3

Creating buyer profile

Some clients have preferences when choosing potential buyers for their business. The seller may want to deal with a buyer who has experience in the business area. This guarantees the business will continue profitably

Step 4

Document assessment

Several documents must be presented when selling a business. The documents needed include financial statements, Federal income tax returns, lease agreements, asset documentation, list of directors, and debt profile. In addition, there are many more essential documents, depending on the deal. We help to collate documents needed for the deal.

Step 5


After gathering information about the business for sale, our team of market analysts reviews the proposal. Then, we offer professional consultation to explain how much the seller can keep after accepting a bid for the business. This is necessary because the selling price of a business is subject to Federal taxes and other stipulated deductions by law.

Step 6

Site visit

A visit to the site reveals the condition of the business about to be sold. We offer advice on particular changes or refurbishments that can be done to increase the selling price. Our assessments focus on how our client can recoup the money spent on refurbishment.

We advise clients to remove equipment or property not included in the sales offer. A presentable business is more attractive to buyers.

It is essential to eliminate any reasons that can be used to lower the selling price during negotiation.

Step 7

Advertising your business 

We leverage our influence, contacts, and networking skills to advertise basic information about your business to potential buyers. Our team examines each purchase offer to decide whether additional confidential information can be sent to buyers.
Our marketing approach is the best. We ensure your business listing is visible to buyers who can afford the selling price of your business.

Step 8


Our experience as business brokers gives us the best advantage during negotiations. Every part of the negotiation process is transparent to both parties.

Step 9

Closing the deal

It is easy to spot a good offer for the business because the sales process started by determining the value. Then, clients accept the best bid to buy the business, and the process of ownership transition commences.
If you have any questions, please book a consultation with us now.